The TV Awards Categories


In the Film category, experts from broadcast television channels in the region will indicate the cases.

This category recognizes excellence in film-format cases and its capacity to capture the audience´s attention during the commercial break. The copylenght will be taken accordingly to the traditional in each country and there is a requirement of minimum 20 insertions in television from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM (aired during primetime or commercial time).

To participate in this category, a broadcast TV channel must indicate the film. If you want to postulate a film, contact the broadcast television channel where it has been transmitted.

Branded Content / Product Placement

The purpose of this category is to recognize integration actions in television content that stand out for its intelligence. It will be taken into account not only creativity and branding, but also the comprehension and ability to adequate itself to the content´s context - thus positively connecting with the audience.


Broadcast TV content can be improved, enhanced and expanded to different platforms. Every device that has a screen (TV, desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, smart TV, mobile TV, etc.) means a new opportunity. Although the different platforms represent huge opportunities for brand communication, keeping up with technology and regulation represents a challenge. This category celebrates the most interesting advertising initiatives that use and integrate broadcast TV platforms (app, Mobile, Channel Website, Social media and other media), seeking to widen the audience experience with their broadcast TV content (shows).


This category considers the use of the broadcast TV in combination with any other media, rewarding the best use of television and its attributes in an integrated campaign.


Broadcast TV is a major tool for brand building, but also a powerful one for achieving immediate goals. This category recognizes the promotional activities placed in shows aired on broadcast television that generate direct audience interaction.


Television emerged from technological creations and the viewer experiences expanded with the technological developments (colour TV, remote control, surround system, etc). This category honours the technological developments that have already been applied in broadcast TV and improved the viewer experience, causing positive impact on the industry.


This category refers to the role of the free television as a social communication that could promote a positive schedule in society on arguments of public interest or common wellbeing.

The objective is to recognize the advertising cases that use social power and the range of TV to positively support issues of social interest and public utility.

Creativity, innovation in the presentation of the theme and the execution of the work will be evaluated.


The Pandemic category will recognize the best ideas related to Covid-19.

An unprecedented situation, a sea of misinformation and what was seen on television was creativity and innovation at the service of solutions. Companies reaffirmed their commitment to the community in which they are inserted and contributed with more than donations. In the communication, messages of awareness, prevention, support, distraction, change and the much commented new normal were seen.

This is what the Pandemic Category is all about… recognizing positive ideas that stood out during this period.